Since the unfortunate passing of Pte. Jack Bouthilier which occured on March 20, 2009, I have been promoting support for your troops. Jack and his parents have greatly influenced my commitment to our Soldiers. I was especially impressed  by the wrap on their truck trailer which pays tribute to their son and to all of the Soldiers who have died in Afganistan.

In the fall of 2009, I discovered on facebook the song "Canadian Heroes" which was launched on Remembrance Day. I met Chris Ecklund because of this song, who is the instigator of the project. He is an avid supporter of our troops and because of this we share the same vision in our respective projects.

During the year 2010; two vehicles displaying "Canadian Heroes" logos were introduced in Southern Ontario. The presence of these vehicles are very much appreciated in various activities and especially for the repatriation of Canadian Soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

When Cpl Steve Martin died in Afghanistan December 18th 2010, I had access to one of the two vehicles to attend the funeral which took place in Quebec. When returning the vehicle, I expressed my desire to pay tribute to Jack Bouthillier with a decal on my car. Chris Ecklund proposed to sponsor me.

In April 2011 the Canadian Heroes wrap on my car was finally completed with the two official languages ​​of our country. In addition, it was the first vehicle of Canadian Heroes project made in honour of a Canadian Soldier killed in Afghanistan.

I am very grateful to have another way to show my support to our Canadian Soldiers and their families. It is possible to see my car in activities for Military and Veterans.

Lise A Charron

RIDE IN RED founder